Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Handmade With Love

Hello my lovelies :).

Again, it has been 0 days since my last purchase of a dress, in fact i've bought three in the last two days! Despite the fact there are new babies in my collection, this post is not about dresses. I have decided that my start of week post will be about my dresses, and my midweek post will be about other bits and bobs!

In the last few days i've had a few lovely deliveries, so I decided that todays post will be about the lovely handmade goodies i've received! I have been really into the site 'Etsy' recently, as I love handmade items. I find it truly beautiful to own something lovingly crafted by someone, and think it's also important to support people trying to make a living! One page I love is 'I Love Crafty', as she has some beautiful mermaid items (who doesn't love pretending to be a mermaid?!). She is also a fellow blogger, so be sure to head over to her blog which I shall link at the bottom of the post. I was tempted by so many items but finally decided on some cute pink shell earrings.

I think they're really sweet, and playful and will surely add a little sparkle to any outfit. I was amazed at how quick they arrived, and Laura (who owns the shop) kept in contact with me excellently! A really wonderful seller. 
I also found this in my order, which I thought was a lovely touch as i'm dying to buy lots more from her. Not only does she do mermaid jewellery, she also does a cat range called 'feline fatale' a 'tropical range' and a range that uses lots of hearts! It's all so very cute! I will definitely be treating myself to some more items!

Another shop I found was 'Ladybirdlikes', who makes wooden jewellery involving lots of animals and cute images. She also has a blog so please check her out! If you have read my other post, you will have noticed I have a pug cross, so when I noticed there was pug related jewellery, I whacked my debit card out and ordered straight away. I decided on the pug collar clips as it is an item of jewellery I think looks really cool but have never really bought before. It came in really sweet packaging with lovely little messages on.

Apologies for the ripping, I was very eager to get into it :)

On top of this, I also have a beautiful little butterfly brooch that makes any item look super pretty! 

So, what are your favourite handmade sites?

Love and hugs,

Ruby xo


  1. OHMYGOSHIMUSTHAVETHOSEEARRINGS...sorry for the enthusiasm. Thanks for introducing me to these...and yes, I do enjoy pretending to be a mermaid too... ;)

  2. Every girl should be a mermaid sometimes :)!!! She has some beautiful things, and even did me a custom order so I could have two items sent together! A really fantastic shop, get yourself over there :D

    Ruby xo

  3. Aw Rubes! Both of those sellers are two of my favourites on etsy! Of course you know about the earrings but I bought some wooden cat collar clips for my best friend for Christmas last year!

  4. They both reminded me of you em :) obviously because you told me about the earrings but ladybirdlikes is all cute like you :) xx