Saturday, 1 March 2014

Illamasqua makeover review

Bonjour my lovely bloggers,

Yes I have been absent for some while, and I apologise for that deeply, but I am finally feeling inspired to start this up again! So, as the title suggests, this post is all about Illamasqua. If you haven't heard of them (i'm sure you have) they are a higher end makeup brand that specialise in unusual and striking colours. A lot of makeup artists favour Illamasqua along with Mac, Urban Decay etc and I can see why. They are quickly becoming one of the top makeup brands and definitely my favourite.

One of the reasons I have been a little preoccupied recently is that it's been my 21st birthday. I decided that I wanted to feel really special and have my makeup done professionally. I have been feeling a little down about myself recently, and this is another reason that my blog has been neglected, I got stuck in a rut but this really gave me a boost and inspired me again. I decided I wanted a heavy, smokey look as the club we were going to is a rocky/grungy club. I booked into Illamasqua's concession in Debenhams (Meadowhall, Sheffield) with a girl called Zoe, who is utterly incredible. She talked me through everything she was doing and kept asking my opinion on products and what I would like her to use. This really put me at ease as I felt I could let her know if I wanted anything changing, which is something i'm always worried about with makeup counters. I was really happy with the finished look and had loads of compliments on my makeup.

Here is a few shots of the final look
The picture on the left is my naked face and the right is after Zoe got her hands on it !!!

Products used : 
Eyes- Stealth cream, obsidian,wolf, forgiveness and feint eye shadows, infinity gel liner and mascara.
Brows- Brow cake in thunder and an angled brush
Skin- Hydra Veil primer, skin base and powder blusher in Alure 
Lips- pencil in Honour and lipstick in Shard.

I absolutely loved my look and as Illamasqua's tag line says "Makeup for your alter ego" I really felt like someone completely different! The makeover cost me £30 and this was redeemable on the day against products. I ended up buying the brow cake, honour pencil and lipstick in shard, and have managed to create great looks with them myself. 

Check out Zoe's work here 
and on Facebook too!

What are your favourite Illamasqua products? 

Ruby xo